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Updated: Apr 17

Far away bride from Hongkong Grace & her French husband Jerry met each other in the UK and finally started their life together in Belgium. Used to the busy streets of London and the continuous buzz of Hong Kong - Brussels, Belgium felt initially like a small town, off the tourist radar unless initiated.

Visitors would only transition and go to Paris or Amsterdam instead. However they could have not be more wrong. This small, but wonderful country has given us much to love and desire - the people, the cultural activities and the products on offer, and we mean not just chocolates & beers.

The city of Brussels alone is awash with examples of its creativity and the oddities of it. On one corner you have a displays of the architectural wonders of art nouveau and #artdeco - then on the street opposite you will find wonderful wall paintings depicting its famous comic book characters. After all this country roots one of #surrealism's front runners - #RenéMagritte. Nothing is what it seems.

As a couple that loves their antiques, vintage handbags, design or art discoveries there is much to love in this country - much of which we have found out over time, as the Belgian's do not boast, are not straightforward obvious and quite discreet of what they know is the best. It is really the Belgian way... .

By using this blog and our site, we would like to take you on a journey through our #littleBelgianworld and show you items brought to you off the beaten track, which we have found here.

One of our discoveries, which we have built quite a collection on - are the wonderful timeless handbags of Belgian purveyor to the royal court <Delvaux>. We will be posting much more about them.

Rummaging through shops in our usual city tours, we initially discovered a book marking the history of this oldest known patented handbag maker - real Belgian, discreet, luxurious and a real story to tell. The Maison Delvaux is in age older than Hermès, but in craftsmanship and quality, design, pretty much up to par: We actually have handbags in our collection that are 60 or 70 years old. Not only are they still in good condition, but what is astonishing is how much their design is still up to date.

Beyond that, their age gives them an additional irreplaceable charm and character - each with their unique history. In #Belgium Delvaux handbags are a treasure handed from grandmother to mother to daughter .... - We love to take our handbags out, take pictures and know that this is not a bag that you can just buy at the next shop. You'll have to find it first. Talking of a valuable and sustainable investment!

Some of #mydaydaybelgium’s 100% authentic vintage Delvaux handbags, will be available for sale in our shop, but only in a very limited quantity.

Feel free to look at some of the fun we had in Brussels with the bags taking pictures.

Stay tuned, we'll publish more and don't miss out on any of our other discoveries.

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