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Top 5 Reasons to own a Delvaux Handbag - #4 Increase of investment value

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Over the next weeks MyDayDayBelgium will publish 5 reasons why new and vintage Delvaux just makes sense.

Reason #4 It is time to invest into the vintage & the new

Let’s recap the facts: Delvaux is a brand that exists for over 190 years, which managed through its discretion, its exclusive – royal & aristocratic – customer base and its tiny production volumes, to stay continuously in business and in the know of only a few.

This is a brand that has been for years part of exclusive presents given to state leaders visiting this country – and which has worked with leading designers, before the world even knew them.

Let’s not forget that some top Hermès artistic directors started off their careers in Delvaux - such as Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski (Late 90’s early 2000), Martin Margiela (in 1983) …

This is not to mention other leading designers and artistic directors Delvaux worked with, such as Charles Kaisin, Didier Vervaeren and Princess Frédéric de Broglie – otherwise known as Christina Zeller.

Delvaux has equally maintained brilliant creative know how inhouse - and thanks to their close knitted inner company circle, these designers stayed on for years.

The astonishing creations of Paule Goethals include the “Brillant”, the “Tempête”, the “Marronier” (=the “Madame”), the “5 o’clock”, “the pouliche”… etc and Madame Deshayes designed among many other the priceless “Grand Bonheur”, gifted to the queen for her wedding.

It is fair to say that the house of Delvaux knows how to choose their creative heads.

The secret tip – is not so secret anymore. Whilst it is still a journey, much more people are in the know now.

Delvaux has taken the last 10 years to rapidly expand global reach – a move Hermès did in the 70’s already, helping them to reach the audience they have today. Delvaux shops have quadrupled across the continents… but production volume still stand at the around the 17,000 bags per year they made in 2014 – and despite the amount of additional markets covered -, the bags are still handmade in Belgium and France.

As a result, prices are skyrocketing and order queues are going up.

Sure – we are not yet talking the year on year increases we see for Hermès and Chanel – but then, the consumers already know about them. Delvaux’s prices have been discreetly and progressively flaring up for years.

If we just look back at price increases from this January 2022 vs the price of i.e. a standard Tempête mini sold in 2016 for 3,050€ – increase of 41%; or more drastically a standard Brillant MM sold for 2,150€ in 2009 vs latest January 2022… 251% increase.

There is a clear tension in the market, which completely includes the vintage Delvaux market – just no-one speaks about it outside Belgium yet, because there are so little around – especially authenticated pieces.

It’s simple Maths really....

Company creation in 1829, first handbag in 1908, 2 collections per year since the 1950s – usually with 10 or 12 variations of an existing model or new product launches. Around 3000 different models produced in the overall company timeframe and a production volume of 17,000, that only reached this point 20 years ago.

One does not need to have seen all of Delvaux’s production figures per bag to understand that for a yearly collection the typical model will have been produced around 3-400 times only - with the best sellers, skimming the edge of 1000 – at max.

Delvaux spells L I M I T E D availability, as it spells RARITY, CRAFTSMANSHIP and DISCRETION. – We can only confirm that some vintage collection models are a very tough finds even in Belgium - let alone the world – which makes the collection of our gems and the undigging of Delvaux’s history for us so much fun.

With Delvaux you are in the position of having to queue for the new bags, but also in a queue for finding the vintage gems. Patience required!

*Historic shop sign: "Maroquinerie Delvaux, No need to ring, the offices are closed. In any case we only receive based on appointment. The direction"

If you enjoyed this little glimpse into our little Belgian world and the wonderful past of this timeless company, please follow us and get a welcome voucher!

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