About Us

I am Grace from Hongkong and together with my German husband Jerry,  we love collecting treasures with a soul in Belgium, where we live. We discover authentic Delvaux vintage luxury handbags, antiques, art or jewellery.. 

We respect and love owning the old - not only because we believe in contributing to a sustainable society, but also because we love the touch and feel of something special that has lived through generations. For us vintage does not equal to cheap or done and dusted, but rather represents secretive happy moments, rarity and something precious that cannot be picked up easily everywhere. 

With this site we want to take you on a journey through our little Belgian world and collections. We wish to introduce you to items brought to you off the beaten track and the beauty of craftmanship able to live through the ages.
We are finding special things here in Belgium... to collect, for timeless use or to inspire and to ignite future passion .

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